amheating services ltd

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We support a number of claims management and insurance companies. Our reputation for reliability, experience and efficiency stands us out.

Services offerred include:

  • Office based communications and job management
  • Computerised links direct to our Engineers keeps our office in control
  • Experienced engineers who get to the problem quickly
  • Schedules that allow emergency work to be fitted into the day
  • Qualified and experienced to work on Gas, LPG, and oil based appliances
  • Our Office and Enginners have excellent people skills

We respond quickly to new job requests, covering the whole of Cambridgeshire and it's borders.

Our Engineers carry stocks of commonly used parts which means, if authorised, we can fix common faults in a single visit, keeping costs and inconvinience to a minimum. Onsite, the Engineers respect that the property is the house holders home and understand the working methods required by insurance companies.